In simple terms correction is resetting the mileage on a digital odometer to the correct reading when it has become corrupted for a variety of reasons.
Correction is the process of returning the mileage reading to its true value.
It is also known as ‘adjustment’ or ‘recalibration’.

You may need to contact a MobileCarServices specialist for any of the following reasons:

  • You have been in an accident and the damage has corrupted your odometer;
  • Your dashboard has been vandalised and the mileage reading is now wrong;
  • The battery was jump started and that caused the mileage to be displayed incorrectly or show —————— or 999999 ;
  • You have had to replace your instrument cluster with a new or second hand unit and the odometer is displaying the wrong mileage value.


Before making this service, the car owner will be asked to show a document confirming the correct mileage.
We will also check the mileage in other places stored in the car such as the ECU engine control module or the BCM body control module to confirm compliance with the orginal mileage.
Booking a visit with us is a confirmation that the value you ask to reset it is a real value.

Is Programming Legal?

Programming is a perfectly legal and often necessary process.

Programming with the intent that they are solely for legal purposes.

Booking an appointment with us is confirmation that you believe the mileage reading on your odometer to be incorrect and that the value you ask us to reset it to is the true value. If you sell your vehicle after programming has taken place, it is your responsibility to inform the purchaser that this process has been performed.

Remember !!!

Failing to inform the buyer is illegal, and if you intentionally use correction to defraud a buyer, that is a serious offence.

Our Services
Mobile Car Services have extensive experience of offering programming for all kinds of vehicle and every major brand, including Ford, Audi, Fiat, Mercedes, Volkswagen, BMW, Renault and Vauxhall.
We offer:

  • Correction completed in as little as 10 minutes
  • All major brands covered
  • Only the best mileage correction equipment is used
  • Fully legal and compliant with regulations

Who are we?

Our services combine exceptional professionalism with a relation of quality and price.
We have developed a reputation in London to get quick returns and unmatched results.
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