Replacement Mercedes Car Keys

Mobile Car Services make replacing your Mercedes car keys quick, easy and stress free. Whether you’ve lost or broken your car keys, or just need a spare set, we have the expertise and knowhow to provide the service you need.

Instead of waiting days for replacement keys from the Mercedes Service Shop to be delivered to you, you can call us today and have your keys ready within hours. Our experienced team is able to setup new Mercedes key for you.

When you need our competitive service:

  • Key turns but no ignition lights and engine does not start
  • Key turns and releases steering lock but engine doesn’t start
  • The steering is locked after removing the key
  • The steering lock is locked and doesn’t release when key is inserted

Our engineers are experienced and have replaced, program Mercedes keys for very long time. We assure you get the best service for very competitive price in London.

Call us now on 07872 965 883 to have a skilled auto locksmith come and replace your car keys, whether you’re at home, at work or on the road.

Our Services

Mobile Car Services offer high-quality, professional replacement Mercedes key services across London. Some of things that make our services special include:

  • We can setup, program and install all Mercedes keys for individual customers as well as garages and Mercedes services.
  • Quick service within hours. No need to wait days for Mercedes to deliver replacement keys!
  • We use software to program replacement keys into your Mercedes.
  • Callout service available in all areas of London including all areas inside M25.

Why Choose Us?

Mercedes keys are more complicated these days than they used to be, so any other replacement Mercedes keys service won’t do. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff know the ins and outs of all models of Mercedes keys, and can use sophisticated software to program new keys to work just like the originals.

Our Mercedes key replacement services are available all across London, though we mainly work in West, South-West, North and Central London.

Call us now on 07872 965 883 if you need a quick, affordable and professional car replacement service.

Why Choose Us?

We work only on Mercedes Electronic Systems keys and have very thorough knowledge of the sensitive and technical systems operating inside all Mercedes models, we have a solution for all Mercedes key faults you could have!

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